Gesellschaft für Arthroskopie und Gelenkchirurgie
AGA-KONGRESS 2019 in Mannheim
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What is the AGA?

Europe’s Largest Society for Arthroscopy

AGA - Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery

(German speaking Association for Arthroskopy)

AGA is a scientific association of physicians and scientists  interested in arthroscopy and companies active in this field.
The AGA now has more than 5.000 members and is thus

Europe’s largest professional society for arthroscopy.

The Executive Committee of the AGA includes physicians from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The goals of the AGA are:
• To help and encourage young arthroscopists
• To foster close contact and mutual exchange among physicians practising arthroscopy
• To establish contacts with other societies whose interests coincide or overlap
• To focus on practical issues in arthroscopy
• To promote quality control

The AGA’s annual congress, its programme of grants and awards, and the journal Arthroskopie offer a platform for all physicians interested in arthroscopy.


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LINK:  Congress Webside

34. AGA-Kongress
07.-09. September 2017 in München, Deutschland

Prof. Dr. Andreas B. Imhoff, München
Prof. Dr. Hermann Mayr, München
PD Dr. Michael Dienst, München

35. AGA-Kongress
13.-15. September 2018, im Design Center in Linz, Österreich
Dr. Florian Dirisamer, Linz
Dr. Philipp Heuberer, Wien


36. AGA-Kongress
12.-14. September 2019 in Mannheim, Deutschland
Prof. Dr. Philipp Niemeyer, Freiburg

Dr. Sven Lichtenberg, Heidelberg