AGA/ON Grants

AGA/ON Education Scholarships

AGA and ON Foundation support applicants* towards their registration and individual travel expenses of EUR 1'000 for attending the
40th AGA Congress September 14 to 16, 2023 in Berlin.
Young AGA Members with a strong interest in orthoregeneration and an according track record are encouraged to apply.

Applicants will be notified of acceptance in due time (please register independently for the Meeting).

Deadline for application: August 23, 2023

Condition: Grantees must attend the 2023 congress and are requested to provide a contribution to the ON Foundation Glossary or report from the congress on social media. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates are prior to specialization (“vor Facharzt”) 
  • Candidates have a strong interest in orthoregeneration 
  • Candidates have not benefited from a similar ON/AGA support program before

Die Auswahl erfolgt im Peer-Review Prozess.




AGA/ON Orthoregeneration Award 2023


AGA and ON provide support for AGA members with a focus on orthoregeneration. If you have an accepted abstract for the 2023 AGA Congress with a focus on regeneration,
apply for the

ON Orthoregeneration Award (1'000 EUR).

Deadline for application: August 29, 2023

Winners will be notified during the 2023 AGA Congress



ON Foundation Award Guidelines

  1. General Information

    ON, the Orthoregeneration Network, is an independent, internationally active foundation in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration, with the mission of driving the development and clinical implementation of new treatment strategies to improve the quality of life of patients. To stimulate innovation in the field of orthoregeneration we acknowledge outstanding research with different awards.
    Research should focus on an innovative approach in regenerative orthopedics and may include clinical, preclinical or in-vitro research. The results should provide a significant contribution to the field, answer important open questions or proof new concepts and be relevant for current or future regenerative therapies.

  2. ON Awards

    The ON Foundation speaks different types of awards often in co-operation with medical societies or other partners. Current award topics for application are displayed on (

  3. Eligibility

    The applicants follow the process on myON. Confirming the eligibility is binding. Candidates who are not eligible will immediately be excluded from the process. The eligibility criteria for may differ for different programs.

  4. Application

    Submitted documents must be concise and accurate. Please only attach PDF documents. Other formats will not be processed. All application documents must be submitted electronically via the online application system. Therefore, the applicant has to create an account on the myON website.
    For questions regarding the online application and further information concerning the application process contact Dr. Kay Horsch.

  5. Review Process

    Applications are reviewed by a committee consisting of members of the ON Foundation Board, the ON office and the ON Expert Group. If a program is carried out together with a partner, usually some representative of the partner will be in the review committee as well. Confidentiality of unpublished data is given at any time. The criteria are outlined for each program. For identical applications the motivational letter is decisive.

  6. Communication

    Awardees will be announced publicly either at a congress of the partner society and/or via the ON Foundation communication channels.
    The applicants and especially winners of ON Awards give their explicit agreement to use their name, link to social media profiles and application (no details from the application documents) and photos from the event for ON promotional purpose including but not limited to Social Media (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), the ON Website, Newsletters and Brochures.

  7. Statement

    Please carefully read your given information and double-check it for content, orthography as well as ON Foundation purpose and ethical principles. Please note that it is not accepted to apply in the name of a third person and that subsequent complete applications have to be signed electronically by the author of the application. By adding electronically your name you accept the ON Foundation regulations
    By giving the statement the applicant is also agreeing to the use of his or her name and statement/report for communication purpose of the ON Foundation.